What an exciting blog title but this is such an important topic to me. I have had a few mummies say to me in the past few weeks as I arrived that they had genuinely considered cancelling their session that morning. Baby hadn’t slept/ they hadn’t slept/ baby was unsettled/ their todddler had gone crazy/ the house was crazy. Honestly I have heard every reason before. I am genuinely so impressed when I go to a house and somebody who is dressed (and just brought home a baby) answers the door. Go you! You have put clothes on. Bonus points if you have brushed your teeth. That is my level of expectation I have from my clients. Your life has just gone through a massive change and I think you are doing amazing just letting me through the door!

I had a baby with terrible silent reflux so don’t worry I am used to unsettled even cranky babies. I have a crazy toddler. I still haven’t lost the baby weight (he’s three!). So please, please trust me I understand. I do not judge. I have trained with amazing newborn photographers both here in Ireland and abroad to ensure that I have the highest standards in posing and safety. I adore being a newborn photographer. I love coming to your home in Dublin or further afield in Leinster to create beautiful professional portraits of your baby and your new family.

Sleeping newborn baby with flowing wrap

Here are some words from some of my wonderful, previous clients that may help to put you at ease.

Siobhain was an absolute pleasure to deal with, so calm & gentle with baby, and she made the whole process so easy and enjoyable for us. And all in the comfort of our own home. We were absolutely thrilled with the beautiful photos she took. We were so glad to have captured that very special time in our lives and we will treasure them always (Rosie).

Baby girl swaddle family heirloom dublin Ireland family portraits Dublin Ireland

Could not praise Siobhain enough,from her patience with our son when he wasn’t having any of it,to her attention to detail. So in love with all the pictures (Tanya).

You were so good with Caiden and made it a very relaxing experience (Edel).

Gorgeous sleeping baby

I could not recommend Siobhain enough, she took amazing photo’s of both my newborn son and 3 year old daughter and even convinced me to get in some which I am so happy I did, as she captured some amazing photo’s that I will treasure forever. I was not sure if my daughter would get in the photo’s as she can be quite shy but miraculously the opposite happened, we couldn’t keep her out of them, this was all down to Siobhain. She was also amazing with my newborn son and so patient. The best bit is that she comes to you which makes it all so relaxed (Denise).

If that’s not enough to convince you then let me finish with this. While I am minding your baby you will get to drink a HOT cup of tea with BOTH hands- and really what more could you ask for!

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