Wow-what an amazing weekend I have had. I always want to become better and improve my skills so I adore training with other newborn photographers that are so skilled and famous in the field of newborn photography.

As a newborn photographer in Dublin, my work doesn’t call on me to travel very often. I had not left the country since before the pandemic. Last week I was lucky enough to train with both Maddy Rogers of and Emma Jane from Emma Jane is famous in the UK for her work with babies on the beanbag. They are those sleepy blanket shots that all my clients will know. It’s always good to see how others do it – to see how they light and pose and the different angles that they use.

Maddy Rogers has been a newborn photographer for years. She co-founded The Baby and Newborn Photography Association and is also the resident safety coordinator for the National Photographic Society in the UK. She taught us how she poses newborns in a variety of different props. She is the queen of colour. Just this weekend after our training Maddy won Best trainer of the year at the The Societies of Wedding and Portrait Photographers awards in London. Emma Jane was also nominated. I told you they were the best!

So besides learning lots of new things and being inspired I also had three nights away in Fareham, England on my own. I am madly in love with my children but I have to say I have not slept as much in years and it was so nice to eat a meal in a restaurant in peace. It was the longest I had ever left them and I think it did us all good! We are delighting in each other’s company today.

Training in newborn photography is so important for safety purposes. Many people have no idea that certain poses are a composite- that baby is posed with hands on them and then I merge different images in photoshop. I love to update my skills and to make sure that I offer my clients the very best experience I possibly can.

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