Here we are again on another seemingly never-ending lockdown. At this time we don’t even have a date for re-opening. I know lots of parents are worried that they will miss out on their newborn photography session. I would like to take a moment to reassure you that no matter what age a baby is we will be able to get a beautiful gallery for you. Baby photography sessions can capture your baby as they grow.

Previously, I would have avoided baby photography sessions at this age as baby can be harder to pose and isn’t as sleepy. However, due to all these lockdowns I now have lots of experience photographing babies at any age. This amazing baby girl was unfortunately born during the first lockdown and was just over 13 weeks for her session. It was so great to finally meet her family and I had such a lovely day with them! This gorgeous baby girl absolutely rocked her first photography session. Look at that eye contact and we still got lots of sleepy images. And she got to show off her wonderful tummy time skills! At around three months old, baby can be posed in a more relaxed fashion and can still be swaddled for some prop images.

Once baby reaches about 6 months we can do sitter images where baby shows off their new skill of sitting up. It doesn’t matter what age baby is we will be able to capture memories to last a lifetime!

And remember, that even though it seems like time is dragging, lockdown will lift, the sun will shine again and I will finally be able to snuggle some babies again!

I am now taking bookings from July onwards so if you would like to add your name to my waiting list then please get in touch here:

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