A Good Life is a Collection of Happy Moments

                                                                                                                                                                                                    ___ Denis Waitley

I am so lucky that my job is capturing happy moments at a very special time in someone’s life. Whether it be photographing a newborn baby at just 6 days old, a cake smash for a first birthday or the ages in between- these are the wonderful moments that make life joyous. Every home that I have entered I can feel the love within those walls. Feel the pride in this baby, this tiny miracle that you have just created. Mum exhausted, dad overwhelmed and both bursting at the seams with love and pride. This year I have photographed dozens of babies and I will share some of them with you below.

My business has grown beyond my expectations and I am busier that I ever expected. I am so thankful for this and I do not take a second of it for granted. Thanks you to every client who has trusted me with their most precious belongings and allowed me the privilege of sharing and documenting these happy, happy times.

Life passes far to quickly and what we do not record we can easily forget. This year I was so lucky to train with and learn from some amazing photographers both here in Ireland and abroad. The knowledge and the confidence that these woman have given me has helped me beyond words. So thank you to Tracy Willis (www.tracywillis.co.uk), Lyn Chapman (http://www.wingsphotography.co.uk) and Sujata Setia (www.facebook.com/butnaturalphotography). I was also lucky to have the amazing Sujata take my family portraits and ensure that I practice what I preach. These portraits are framed and hanging on my walls already to remind me of my luck in having such a wonderfully supportive family. Huge, giant, enormous thanks to my number one fan and supporter my husband Ger. To my wonderful mum and mother in law who are always ready to lend a hand (or a house) to help me and my business flourish.

2017 is an adventure that I cannot wait to begin. I am hoping to go from strength to strength. I shall be offering new, different sessions and a selection of new wonderful products. I am so excited. I have travelled all over Ireland the UK phographing babies this year and I am so excited to be able to keep doing what I love.

Thank you to all my wonderful clients who have made this possible and to all the babies that I am going to photograph in 2017. I can’t wait to meet you!!baby-pictures-newborn-photography-dublin-leinster-30 baby-pictures-newborn-photography-dublin-leinster-29 baby-pictures-newborn-photography-dublin-leinster-28

baby-pictures-newborn-photography-dublin-leinster-27baby-pictures-newborn-photography-dublin-leinster-25 baby-pictures-newborn-photography-dublin-leinster-24
baby-pictures-newborn-photography-dublin-leinster-23baby-pictures-newborn-photography-dublin-leinster-22 baby-pictures-newborn-photography-dublin-leinster-21 baby-pictures-newborn-photography-dublin-leinster-20 Baby photographs newborn pictures dublin leinsterbaby-pictures-newborn-photography-dublin-leinster-32
baby-pictures-newborn-photography-dublin-leinster-12 baby-pictures-newborn-photography-dublin-leinster-11

baby-pictures-newborn-photography-dublin-leinster-37baby-pictures-newborn-photography-dublin-leinster-8 baby-pictures-newborn-photography-dublin-leinster-6 baby-pictures-newborn-photography-dublin-leinster-5 Baby in bowl picture dublin donabate
baby-pictures-newborn-photography-dublin-leinster-33 baby pictures in  bowl bucket basket dublin ireland baby-pictures-newborn-photography-dublin-leinster-34baby-pictures-newborn-photography-dublin-leinster-26 baby-pictures-newborn-photography-dublin-leinster-15 baby-pictures-newborn-photography-dublin-leinster-17baby-pictures-newborn-photography-dublin-leinster-10 family photographs baby dublinbaby-pictures-newborn-photography-dublin-leinster-4 baby-pictures-newborn-photography-dublin-leinster-1 baby-pictures-newborn-photography-dublin-leinster-3baby-pictures-newborn-photography-dublin-leinster-35 newborn baby pictures dublin twin picture baby photography  dublin

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