Mummy- Be in the picture!

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This is what I like about photographs. They’re proof that once, even if just for a heartbeat, everything was perfect.
___ Jodi Picault

When you bring your baby home for the first time you are living in a constant state of disbelief (what you’re letting me take this baby home?) and wonderment. You can lose hours to eyelashes and days to tiny toes. It is a sleep- deprived, special, magical, amazing time. Days are long, nights are longer but trust me the weeks will fly by!

That is where I come in. It is my job to freeze time. To capture your pure, perfect love. Trust me your baby will never fit in your arms again like they do in those first few perfect days. You will be tired. There is no hiding that. But I am in an in home photographer based in Dublin who travels around Leinster. I come to you. I will do everything in my power to make your portrait experience as comfortable and enjoyable as possible.

It is my job to capture your beauty and this new, breathtaking, all-encompassing love. I will make you beautiful (sshhh I don’t have to work very hard- you are beautiful and have never been more powerful).

I often tell my clients who are reluctant to get photographed a week after having a baby that they have no choice. Let me try and then they do not need to choose those images of themselves if they do not love them. Every mum falls in love with them.

When your child is grown and goes looking through family albums looking for pictures of the two of you- what will you tell them? I was tired/ hadn’t washed my hair/ wanted to lose some weight? Your child does not want you to lose weight to have these memories with you. You are perfect to your child RIGHT NOW! As you are, at your weight now, tired and in elasticated pants. You are mummy now and that overcomes all those objections.

Get in the picture! The next time your husband picks up his phone to sneak a quick snap of you let him! It doesn’t matter if you are in your dressing gown, if you haven’t slept in days. Capture this time. There is no going back. You deserve to exist in photographs. You are a mother. You are a woman. You are powerful beyond measure. You can give life.

I cannot wait to help you capture this special time in your life. Enjoy every moment.

mum and baby pictures dublin photographer

Picture of beautiful mother and newborn baby

Picture of beautiful mother and newborn baby


Áine’s Cake Smash and Splash

Cake smash and Splash Baby and Family Photographer Dublin-1

Last week the adorable Áine had a cake smash to celebrate her first birthday. This is a lovely, fun way to mark such a special occasion. I bring a colour co-ordinated cake, balloons and decorations for the event! It really makes for some very cute pictures of your little one.

Cake smash and Splash Baby and Family Photographer Dublin-3

Cake smash and Splash Baby and Family Photographer Dublin-5

After her cake smash Aine had a lovely bath in my vintage tub for the splash part of her session.

Cake smash and Splash Baby and Family Photographer Dublin-7

Cake smash and Splash Baby and Family Photographer Dublin-8

As part of every Cake Smash and Splash Session I also bring an alternative background to capture some classic family portraits. They are great fun and a really fantastic way to create and capture some beautiful family memories.