Newborn Photography Customised for You

My newborn photography sessions are held in the comfort of your home and are completely bespoke to you. Before each session we can plan colour schemes, you can choose your favourite props from my wide selection or you can leave it all up to me. It’s entirely your decision. I love making sure your session is as enjoyable and as personal as possible. I always ask that if you have anything specific that you would like to use to let me know in advance of your newborn session. This gives me time to plan how to incorporate it best and create a really amazing image for you to enjoy for years to come.

Here are some examples of personal items used during sessions.

Photograph of newborn baby on rugby ball

Dad really loves rugby.

Newborn baby photographer baby holding family heirloom bracelet

Great-Granddad made this bracelet for her Great Grandmother.

Newborn baby photography nautical seaside theme

This gorgeous boy’s nursery had a nautical theme.

Newborn baby photographer Dublin. Baby as Harry Potter

There can never be enough Harry Potter in the world!

Newborn photography baby in bed with teddy

Using treasured family teddies is a really popular way of incorporating something special into your newborn photography session.

I hope that has given you some ideas for personalising your session. I would love to hear your thoughts below in the comments section and look forward to hearing from you to arrange your bespoke newborn photography session in Dublin, Wicklow, Meath or Kildare.

Mummy- Be in the picture!

newborn baby pictures dublin wicklow kildare mammy and newborn

This is what I like about photographs. They’re proof that once, even if just for a heartbeat, everything was perfect.
___ Jodi Picault

When you bring your baby home for the first time you are living in a constant state of disbelief (what you’re letting me take this baby home?) and wonderment. You can lose hours to eyelashes and days to tiny toes. It is a sleep- deprived, special, magical, amazing time. Days are long, nights are longer but trust me the weeks will fly by!

That is where I come in. It is my job to freeze time. To capture your pure, perfect love. Trust me your baby will never fit in your arms again like they do in those first few perfect days. You will be tired. There is no hiding that. But I am in an in home photographer based in Dublin who travels around Leinster. I come to you. I will do everything in my power to make your portrait experience as comfortable and enjoyable as possible.

It is my job to capture your beauty and this new, breathtaking, all-encompassing love. I will make you beautiful (sshhh I don’t have to work very hard- you are beautiful and have never been more powerful).

I often tell my clients who are reluctant to get photographed a week after having a baby that they have no choice. Let me try and then they do not need to choose those images of themselves if they do not love them. Every mum falls in love with them.

When your child is grown and goes looking through family albums looking for pictures of the two of you- what will you tell them? I was tired/ hadn’t washed my hair/ wanted to lose some weight? Your child does not want you to lose weight to have these memories with you. You are perfect to your child RIGHT NOW! As you are, at your weight now, tired and in elasticated pants. You are mummy now and that overcomes all those objections.

Get in the picture! The next time your husband picks up his phone to sneak a quick snap of you let him! It doesn’t matter if you are in your dressing gown, if you haven’t slept in days. Capture this time. There is no going back. You deserve to exist in photographs. You are a mother. You are a woman. You are powerful beyond measure. You can give life.

I cannot wait to help you capture this special time in your life. Enjoy every moment.

mum and baby pictures dublin photographer

Picture of beautiful mother and newborn baby

Picture of beautiful mother and newborn baby


Tongue Tie, Breastfeeding and Newborn Babies in Ireland

Baby Pictures Dublin Leinster Tongue Tie

I do all of my newborn session in my clients homes. With set up and the session I am often there for 3-4 hours. While mums are free to potter around the house many stay to watch me at work. And so we chat. About the cuteness, the tiredness but nearly always about feeding. Many mums have trouble with baby latching or feeding for hours.

I usually tell of my own feeding experience. I was determined to breast feed. I had read all the books, bought my Lanosil, nipple shields, breast pads. All the glamorous accoutrements!

In hospital my poor little man could not sustain a latch. He would latch on and lose it again after two sucks. And it was sore. Not just uncomfortable- sore. But I persisted for days and in fairness the midwives were very supportive for the first 2 or 3 days. Having done my research I asked every single medical person who came through the door to check him for tongue tie. They all said no (over 10!) and the pump was wheeled in. Finally, days later a wonderful paediatrician confirmed tongue tie and insisted the lactation consultant visited me before we left.

Contrary to what I expected the lactation consultant said that his terrible latch had nothing to do with the tongue tie and it was not to be cut. And so I was left to pump and pump and pump. We visited the lactation consultant several times and still baby would not latch and I was told to keep doing skin on skin and to continue pumping.

No other choices were given to me and I could not find any information anywhere. The wonderful paediatrician had given me the name Dr Kirsten Fitzgerald so I had my GP refer me to her. I finally had it cut when my son was nearly 12 weeks old but it was far to late and he never latched. My body decided enough was enough and my milk dried up and while I was disappointed part of me was so relieved that I could throw the pump in the bin never to be seen again.

I had my son’s cut by Dr Kirsten Fitzgerald in the Department of Dentistry in Crumlin Hospital. This was public but I wasn’t given an option to go privately which I would have done to speed along the process. She was lovely but it was far too late. The procedure itself is so simple and straightforward. Another client of mine had her child’s done in Blackrock Clinic by Dr Súin Murphy when baby was less than two weeks old and subsequently latched and fed successfully.

I have no idea why it is so difficult to get this procedure done here or even to find any information on it. So hopefully this might help some other mums who just do not know where to go. It is very common in Europe and is typically done in the maternity hospital. Ireland has terrible breast feeding rates so maybe instead of focusing in guilting mothers for not breast feeding there could be more support for mothers who are trying and struggling.