Belly Casting and Baby Photography

Baby In Mother's Belly Cast

Belly Casting is one of the other services that I offer. There is something so lovely about seeing baby all curledĀ up in a perfect model of mummy’s bump.

It is so easy for you. I come to your home and bring everything that is required. It only takes around half an hour – 45 minutes. We then have a perfect replica of your bump to place your precious bundle in at their Newborn Session. So simple but so perfect!


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I take the cast home after we make it (at between 36-38 weeks pregnancy) and I thicken and prime it to make it smooth for baby. Mummy keeps the cast after her session as a lovely memento of her pregnancy.

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4 comments on “Belly Casting and Baby Photography

  1. Hi, I’ve been looking everywhere to get a belly cast done in the 2-3 months can you contact me with info on how I go about it please,
    Caoimhe O’Driscoll

    • Hi Caoimhe,
      How are you? I have just sent you an email with all the information you should need. Looking forward to hearing from you.

  2. Hi,

    I’m looking to get a belly casting done. Could you please give me all necessary information on how to go about this please.


  3. Hi.. Can you please send me info on the belly Cast only 5 weeks left and really considering it

    Thank you Tracy

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